Friday, 16 May 2014

Childhood Days

This is a poem I wrote on my childhood days. I miss them for real.

I miss those days,
Brimming with innocence,
I'd stray the gardens green,
Cherishing the fragrance.
I'd have a smile, always
I believe a genuine one,
Smiling randomly at strangers,
Gave me so much fun.
I'd this fluffy cheeks-
Always to be kissed,
I'd always wonder,
Why it makes them blissed?
My mom would take me,
To the temples where dwelled,
Statues of spirits still
And had me prayers prayed.
I'm no worries to be vexed,
No wrinkles on my face,
Ready to soar I was,
High away from my nest.
Chocolates and candies;
A delight to savour,
My dad would always gift,
Never saying me never.
Perhaps it is,
The freedom I had;
To make me this guy,
Stubborn for his fads.
Maybe it is,
The amount of love I received,
That I felt no pity,
For the girls I decieved.
The innonce that I flourished,
In the garden of my mind,
Erased as the days passed
And I grew rude and unkind.
Forget of smiling,
Everything seems boring.,
Wings of this bird,
Cut amidst the soaring.
If the 'revered',
Grants me a second flight,
I'd fly earnestly,
With the golden light.
To the horizon,
I'm endeavouring to sway,
An injured soul scouring,
His childhood days..

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