Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Blogging About Fandoms.

My invisible readers might be wondering why I am inactive lately.
The prime reason is, college.
College has left me no time in my Internet life, and that is saying something.
I am doing Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Well, there's more.
 My website Fun With Fandoms is something I am devoted to. I post everything about fandoms there, ranging from anthing to anything.
Like, there's this Harry Potter Riddles I was once high on.
What would I do, I would write them like I had no life. Time by time my addictions changed and so did I, as a result of which I am not so high on them as I once was.

You might not be wondering what is on my reading list. Let me state them down -
  1. The Princess Bride.
  2. A Dance With Dragons.
  3. The Princess And The Queen (A Song of Ice and Fire novella)
  4. Historical Non-fiction : War of the Roses.
There's a show I am high on. And that is, again, saying something. Vikings it is, Vikings.
An updated reader of my life will notice I am a fan of violence and historical fiction. It is one such.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a short post. Turns out I wrote too much.