Sunday, 23 March 2014

Heaven's on Earth.

"That's enough, Pooja." I scorned her, my eyes blazing. Twelfth time she'd splashed water over me.

"Why, Aryan, I love you like this, it gives me... goosebumps" She grinned and blushed.

"Oh, does it? Perhaps a kiss will switch you to normal again."
She moaned. I could feel her tears on my cheeks.
"I missed you, Aryan."

"I missed you too," I said, "But I ought to make myself on my own"

"I know." She was all tears, sobbing against my chest.
I stayed in Nagpur, 200 km away from her. The hustle and bustle of my job left me just evenings, to spare on the phone.
"I think I've a heck lot fantasies, for our honeymoon"
I gave her my I-am-crazy-for-you look. She pinched me.
"Sure, you do. My Fifty Shades." She said, blushing as we were strolling along the banks of a reservoir.

"Where?" I asked.

"Umm. I've in my mind. The Jewel of Kedah."

"How many gems in this Jewel, milady?"

"104, Cap'n"

"Aye. What makes me heartie scour there?"

"A myth, Cap'n." Her eyes were scintillating as she continued. "The legend of true love bet'n two spiritual souls."

"Aye! Get on the deck then!" I said and we kissed again.
A thud on my door interrupted me. Beside the door were my pictures with Pooja, showcasing our excursions to random Historical places. Ajanta-Ellora, Elephanta, all were there.
"I don't want to go out, Dad." I shouted.
How could I go out when the only reason for me to venture had been taken away from me, by that Almighty, to the Heavens. How could I go for a drive, for every drive reminded me of her last drive? I wanted to be alone. Sunk in her memories.
The voice wasn't my Dad's. It was Pooja's mother. She handed me a note and walked off. There was a peculiar glint in her eyes. The note read -
A reddish-brown Eagle, in colloquial Malay,

Yonder there, Embracing the Thai,

Just like us; Entwined together,

Away from strife; Away from fie.

On sun-drenched beaches,

Walking hand-in-hand,

Two spiritual lovers unite,

Straying the enchanting islands.

Magnificient mountains,

Watch us making love;

Cruising the mangroves we soar,

Evading the flora foe.

I was standing on the Langkawi island, usurping the reason why Pooja devoured Malaysia. A few ripples ticked my feet, while the breeze whispered, 'I love you, Aryan.'

Yes Pooja, we deduced the legend of true love between spiritual souls. 'Heaven's on Earth, milady'.

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