Saturday, 29 March 2014


From the meadow yonder

The Gorgon scurried;

Lost inside the witty woods,

Was a soul vexed and worried.

Stalking its quarry sub rosa,

She donned a a mask of fay;

Her exhilirant aroma,

Succumbed the grass gay.

Dews watched desperately;

As she allured the soul supine

He could see Cupid shooting,

As he esteemed the Evangeline.

Endowed with ambroisal beauty,

Evading the darkness she gleamed;

He walked to her with bated breath,

An Angel from Heaven she seemed.

Imprudent the soul blind in lust,

Reckoned her the solace to his strife;

The Medusa concealed deep down;

Athirst to take his life.

In the proximity of her grace,

A rhyth divine; breathing her breath;

Too tempted to realise he was,

Strangling straight to his death.

Affrighted eyes sunk in dubiety,

Glared her pupils turning red;

Avalanche of pain he gulped,

His last breath he breathed.

To the temptation of a habitue,

He'd fallen a paltry prey;

About her shoulders tasseled aegis,

Absconding the stone she made out her way.
Killed By Gorgon

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